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From filming your product to editing together existing footage, we can provide you with what you need within your budget! We have experience filming, including animals, doing interviews, instructional videos, products in use, timelapse and slow-motion videos.

We will film at your site, on location or at our premises depending on your requirements. Take a look below at some video projects we have completed.

Brand Concept


Produced for ecofective

ecofective® is a brand owned by Sipcam Home & Garden, a British business founded in 2018. Passionate about creating beautiful gardens with minimal impact on the environment, the brand offers garden feed, weed, clean and control products that are child and pet safe . 

This video's objective is to communicate the brands eco credentials. This is done with a continuous voiceover poem written and narrated in house.



Produced for EKJU 

EKJU is a Latvian company founded in 1992. EKJU are dedicated to manufacturing practical and long-lasting outdoor wooden furniture of  high quality. 

This video is designed using existing assets to provide prospects with key information about their manufacturing capabilities and product range.



Produced for Marriages Feeds

Marriages Feeds is a brand owned by WHM Pet. They have Six generations of milling experience has helped us to create a comprehensive range of pet foods and small holding feeds. 


As part of over 33 educational videos about feeding Chickens, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, we filmed, editied and produced this series working with the WHM Pet team.



Produced for Honeyfield's

Honeyfield's is a British manufacturer that offers a range of wild bird foodtreatswild bird feederstables, dining stations and accessories to complement any garden.


The Multi-Feeder is a fantastic 3-in-1 starter product for people wanting to feed their garden birds.

This consumer-facing video is designed as a sales aid to be shown in retail outlets on tv screen merchandising displays. The script and voiceover were all completed in-house and filmed at an exclusive location in Surrey.

New Packaging


Produced for the Honeyfield's brand

Honeyfields is a brand owned by WHM Pet (formerly known as Marriages). They offer a wide range of high quality wild bird feeders, food, treats and accessories, 

This video was produced using existng assets to promote their new packaging concept at events The video is designed to showcase ground breaking biodegradable technology in their new packaging and the fresh new consumer pack design.

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